The Ministry of Health sets standards and reports quarterly on PHO performance.

Reports for Quarter 2 (October – December 2016) and Quarter 1 (July – September 2016) of the 2016/2017 year are now available on the Ministry’s ‘How is my PHO performing? Primary care health targets results summary’ page. Information here compares all PHOs on 2 measures: Increased immunisation, and Better help for smokers to quit.

All 4 quarterly reports for the 2015/16 year are also available.

For each quarter, you can view the 3 Health Targets (Increased immunisation, Better help for smokers to quit, More heart and diabetes checks) on line, and as a downloadable PDF (1 page). A separate report (1 page PDF) summarises the 5 transitional IPIF (Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework) measures: More heart and diabetes checks; Better help for smokers to quit; Increased immunisation, 8-month-olds and 2-year-olds; Cervical Screening coverage. (Note, these links all take you to Quarter 4, April – June 2016) data.)

Reports for previous years are also available.


Date posted: 29 March, 2017