Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect your child from preventable diseases such as whooping cough, tetanus and measles.

Our Immunisation programme supports affiliated practices to improve health outcomes by reducing the incidence and impact of vaccine-preventable diseases.

We support General Practice teams with education, up-to-date immunisation information, clinical and technical vaccine advice and audit of immunisation coverage.

Access to vaccines
Comprehensive Care affiliated practices provide immunisation services free of charge to all eligible children aged under 16 years (charges may apply for other services). Practice nurses undertake a specialised vaccinators training course.

How does immunisation work?
Vaccines are made of components of the germ that can’t cause disease or from weakened versions of viruses. Through the vaccine, the immune system is taught to respond to the harmless version of the germ so that it can respond quickly when faced with a real infection and stop us from getting sick.

The New Zealand National Immunisation Schedule provides for a series of immunisations (including boosters) given at specific times between the ages of six weeks and twelve years.

For further information on vaccination, talk to your doctor or your Practice Nurse, or to our Immunisation Outreach nurse. You can phone the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) on 0800 466 863 or visit

National Immunisation Register
The National Immunisation Register (NIR) is a computerised information system developed to hold immunisation details of New Zealand children.

The NIR enables authorised health professionals to quickly and easily find out what vaccines a child has been given and is the best way to make sure immunisations are given at the appropriate time.

The NIR holds appropriate personal information of a child; parent/caregiver details and contact information; nominated health professionals; and immunisations given. It can also record if a parent chooses not to immunise their child for a particular vaccine, or if there are medical reasons not to do so.