The Final evaluation report for the Primary Care Practice Assistant Demonstration Programme is available (PDF, 73 pages).

New Zealand’s first Primary Care Practice Assistants graduated from the demonstration course in August 2013. 18 trainees successfully completed a mix of practice-based learning and academic study at Unitec Institute of Technology and AUT University.

Training included basic clinical tasks under the direction and delegation of general practitioners and nurses, and assisting with administrative tasks. A trained Primary Care Practice Assistant (PCPA) provides opportunities for GPs and registered nurses to be innovative in their practise and to work to the highest level of their professional capacity. The PCPA reduces the pressure of non-clinical tasks and routine clinical tasks  on GP and nursing staff workloads and  supports  front desk and administration staff.

Comprehensive Care ran the 18-month demonstration in collaboration with Unitec and AUT. It was funded by Health Workforce New Zealand, and involved practices across Auckland and in Northland.

Below left, Sharyn Bethuane is congratulated by Clinical Director Dr Lannes Johnson.

Sharyn Bethuane is congratulated by Clinical Director Dr Lannes Johnson at her graduation