Enrolment with a Primary Health Organisation (PHO), like Comprehensive Care, can give you a number of benefits, including access to health services provided by Comprehensive Care, as well as cheaper doctors’ visits and reduced costs of prescriptions.

If you meet eligibility and entitlement criteria, you may enrol with a PHO directly or through your chosen general practice.

When you are enrolled, you can access services, as appropriate, directly from Comprehensive Care:

You may benefit from other Comprehensive Care activities. We fund and subsidise services provided by your general practice:

  • Care Plus is for people with chronic health conditions, serious medical or mental health needs, or terminal illness
  • Community Palliative Care provides a package of care for patients with a terminal illness
  • Services to Improve Access cover a range of flexible services designed to reduce inequalities in access to primary health care
  • Health Promotion activities based in the community

Comprehensive Care provides support, resources, education and training for general practice staff, to maintain and develop their clinical skills. And provides business and administrative support and training to ensure general practices are run efficiently and effectively, to the best standard of care.

Comprehensive Care publishes health related information on the News page of the website, and on Facebook and Twitter. You can read more about Comprehensive Care activities in the Annual Reports.