Welcome to the Comprehensive Care website

Our Vision as a Primary Healthcare Network is to work together with our community, providers, patients and whanau to achieve a healthy future. We seek to empower our community with information and support, and through the delivery of a quality primary health care system for all. Our values mean we have a focus on being dynamic, accountable, respected and trusted.

We see primary care as a reciprocal responsibility and we would hope that by providing the right systems of care we will enable members of our community to make the right choices for their health and wellbeing.

This way forward can only be achieved by working in strong collaborative partnerships with the providers of services, communities, patients and their whanau.

Comprehensive Care hopes that our vision can be realised when a patient’s need is identified and they then have the appropriate services available and accessible when they are required.

You will notice that we have a logo which depicts our vision. The symbol is circular, which represents continuity; the overlapping parts represent the connecting together of our diversity and needs within our community, and integration with other care providers to improve the patient journey. All of our health is inter-related in some way. This reflects the complexity of health and wellbeing.

Comprehensive Care hopes that this website will serve as a way to learn more about what we are doing, find out more information about our services, and obtain further information on your health needs and how we might help you meet them.

Most importantly it also provides us with an opportunity to hear from you. I hope that as a patient, General Practitioner, nurse, Practice Manager or a member of our community, you will find our website informative and helpful to your needs.

Kia piki ake te oranga o nga iwi katoa
May wellness of all people begin now

John Ross
CEO, Comprehensive Care