We need to use antibiotics carefully, or they’ll stop working.


Did you know that antibiotics won’t fix a cold or flu because the job of antibiotics is to fight bacterial infections, and colds and flu are caused by viruses?

PHARMAC is the New Zealand government agency that decides which medicines to publicly fund in New Zealand. Their “Keep antibiotics working” campaign has now launched. It aims to raise awareness about the role of antibiotics in keeping our community healthy.

Follow the links to find out more about common winter ailments: colds and flu, and earache. And about illnesses that need antibiotics.

The same page will tell you about antibiotic resistance – what it is and why it matters. And there are links for more information about antibiotics working on bacteria and not viruses, minimising the spread of colds and flu, and how you can help fight antibiotic resistance.

If you have any questions about your health or medication, talk to your doctor or nurse.


Date posted: 16 July, 2018