What is Care Plus?
Care Plus is for people with chronic health conditions, serious medical or mental health needs, or terminal illness.

If you need a lot of support from the health system you may be eligible for Care Plus.

Who is eligible for Care Plus?
You must be enrolled with Comprehensive Care through your GP to access Care Plus.

Your doctor or nurse can make an assessment where your health needs are explored in more depth.

If you’re not eligible, they may be able to review your existing care to find other ways to help you.

How does Care Plus work?
Following the initial assessment, your doctor or nurse will develop a care plan related to your health and quality of life, which will include regular follow-ups.

The care plan is to help ensure

  • your health conditions are effectively managed
  • you have a good understanding of your conditions
  • you are supported to make lifestyle changes

Services will be provided at a low or reduced cost.

For further information talk to your doctor or Practice Nurse.

You can email us at info@comprehensivecare.co.nz.